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Here is some information about the functioning of our ISTQB MCQ.

The objective is to obtain 65 % correct answers out of the total (as for the ISTQB certification). There is no penalty for wrong answers or for not answering.

At the moment, we propose a mock test with 30 questions that can be answered in 2 hours (meaning ~4 minutes by question). Once the time ran out, the average is automatically calculated. 5 minutes before your time runs out you are informed.

You can skip certain questions and return later, via the navigation arrows.

Once you have validated the last answer, you have to validate the whole quiz.

You can check your results in the section "my account" and you can share them with your friends on social networks.

The ranking section allows you to compare your scores to other users.

Only your name, city, country and photo (if you uploaded it) will appear in the ranking list.

The syllabus section allows you to revise the theoretical part of this software testing training.


!!! These mock tests concern only the ISTQB – Foundation level.